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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Head Fakes

If you have read "The Last Lecture" then you know about the title of this blog. As teachers, we do head fakes all the time. "What is a head fake?" you ask.  Well, the best response I can give is to watch or read the Last Lecture by Randy Pausch.  However, my answer is that when you are teaching the kids topic 'A' but what they are really learning about is topic "B."

I will explain further...
First of all... I am going to say that The Last Lecture is one of the most motivating and inspirational books I have read.  I keep this book in my classroom at all times. I couldn't tell you how many times I have looked back and referenced Randy Pausch.

So, as teachers we always try to have our students engaged in a lesson. Right? Otherwise, they are playing with their pencil boxes or fidgeting with anything and everything. But what happens when you have then at your fingertips? What is the difference between the lesson that is engaging and not? We need to teach our students with what they think is 'fun!'  That is a head fake!

I have been trying to incorporate 21'st Century Learning in my lessons. The best way that I could do that is to teach the students media and technology while teaching them math, reading, writing, etc...

I teach 2nd grade.  Would you believe that they now how to blog?! Ask yourself; what is blogging?  To an adult, blogging is just sharing your educated opinion on various subjects. However, to a student (in which how you teach this) blogging is shared writing, which we have been teaching for years! Many times we have asked students to read another students writing and comment constructively... BLOGGING! The website that I use for students is safe and secure (  The parents are thrilled and the kids love it! Isn't that what we want?

Okay, so maybe you're asking, "do they write on paper?" Of course! I make sure that my kids write all week! They get on the computer for 'blogging' during center time, or 'ketup' time. Believe it or not, my kids and parents love this so much that they do it home VOLUNTARILY!

So when do I find time to teach my students this program and all it's benefits?  During a writing lesson, math, reading, social studies... I incorporate the media with the lesson!!! What kind of media did you have growing up? A projector? If so, the you knew how to use a projector with transparencies by the time you were in 2nd grade.  That's what we need to start teaching our students! Media that they will need to know how to use and well!

These are the best head fakes you can do for your kids! They think they are learning new technology or media, but what they are really learning is reading, writing, math, etc...

Please share your thoughts and comments... I would love to know them!

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