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Friday, November 4, 2011

Bad Rap

Maybe I'm showing my age - or lack there of... but I don't understand where, how and why some professions really started to get a bad reputation?
Think about how many times in a week, or even a month, you hear something negative about a profession that does positive for the community? Of course since I am a teacher I am disturbed over all of the bad press that teachers get (when they do so much good!), but I am also concerned about the other professions that also do very well for communities... Such as; fire departements, police departments, ambulance departments,..
The part that really breaks my heart the most about all of this bad publicity, is if you look at all of these areas they are all either average (to under) paid if not VOLUNTEER!
As a teacher, I see how much our district gives back to the community. However, I rarely see any of this in our news. We give to charities, food pantries, do raffles to benefit local families... and the list goes on! Why does the news not have time to report any of this? Yet, they will broadcast every hour on the hour about any discrepancy in a school district!
Let's go beyond education... let's look at our very brave fire fire fighters and police departments. I know that every township has to have their own budget (another discussion), but why should people lives be at risk in order for {fill in the blank here}.  I do NOT believe that anyones' life, safety, mind is worth the risk over anything else!
Please inform me of your opinions and facts. I am only 33 and I will admit that I am naive when it comes to certain things... this being one of them.  When, where, why, how did this all start? Why are these professions the first ones on the chopping block, yet the most important? Please help me to understand more about how politics can do so much damage? Is it politics? Where does the problem(s) really lie? When should we just stop pointing fingers and start fixing?
Please comment and let me know your thoughts!


  1. I don't think teachers do enough to "toot" their own horns. We should be informing the media, newspapers of all the good that is going on in the schools. If we don't, then who will?

  2. Tammy, I agree... I think back when I was growing up, and my parents had total trust in every teacher I had, not matter if I liked them or not. Where did this all go the other way? Why do we need to toot our own horns?